Important Words on Label of THC and CBD E-liquid or Cartridge

If you’re new to the world of CBD / THC vaping oils and cartridges, you’ll soon see a list of some words. Incorporating them into your lexicon will make it easier for you to buy Dank vapes cartridges. Take a look at some common expressions, and find out what they imply:

Important Words on Label of THC and CBD E-liquid or Cartridge

Full spectrum

Full-spectrum oils contain a mixture of phyto-chemicals exist in the marijuana plant. The cartridges made with this kind of element offer a mixture of flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids.

Full spectrum oils harness the full taste of the marijuana plant. The phyto-chemicals present in these oils work along to produce more noticeable effects than THC or CBD alone.

However, full spectrum oil sacrifices the purity of THC / CBD for the diversity of phytochemicals. If you want to benefit entirely from CBD or THC, you will like better other kinds of formulas for example those made with isolated CBD crystals.


Terpenes are perfumed molecules present in cannabis flowers, which provide the unique flavor and smell of every strain. Besides being delicious, terpenes work hand in hand thru cannabinoids to produce various effects in the body.

The terpenes present in CBD and THC liquids and cartridges greatly influence the flavor. Cannabis contains more than 200 terpenes, and each one has its own unique flavor. If you buy one and you don’t like its taste, you won’t enjoy vaping it; so before you buy, ensure you find out what terpenes you like better.

Cannabinoid crystals

Cannabis crystals are the strongest kind of extract out there. Created with high performance chromatography elements, these crystals offer an unmatched power of 99%.

E-liquids with THC or CBD elements provide a pure and intensive experience. This homework is good for those looking for high dose of THC and CBD, and have no interest in terpenes and different compounds in cannabis.

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