What is the Best Place to Buy Women’s Dress Shirts Online?

There is something about a perfect dress shirt that makes you look and feel sophisticated and elegant. Whether you are looking for a formal shirt to wear to the office or something that you can wear with jeans, the right shirt is sure to elevate your style and mood.

If you are wondering where to buy women’s dress shirts, you need to know about Ella Hopfeldt. This women’s dress shirt brand began its life because its founders couldn’t find quality button-ups that fit. They therefore set out to create them and carved out a niche for themselves as one of the most elegant women’s dress shirt brands on the market.


Dress Shirts for Every Occasion

Ella Hopfeldt’s dress shirt collection isn’t huge, but it does include a selection of staples for just about any occasion. If you need something truly elegant, Ella Hopfeldt has a beautiful collection of French cuff shirts for you. On the other hand, should you need something more casual looking, the brand also offers some eye-catching options to choose from.

Ella Hopfeldt differentiates itself from others by offering shirt fits for different body types. “We know that women have different body shapes, and these body shapes need differently fitted shirts,” the founders say about their shirts.

“Our shirts for women are available in four tailored fits that are organised around basic body shape categories: triangle, rectangle, hourglass, and inverted triangle. Our shirts come in thirty-six different options: four shapes and nine sizes. This makes it possible to provide the majority of women with a much better product and a much better experience.”


Finding a well-fitting women’s dress shirt off the rack may have been a mission impossible until now but Ella Hopfeldt has made it attainable for many women.

Built to Last with Comfort in Mind

At over $100, Ella Hopfeldt shirts are not necessarily the most inexpensive button-ups out there, but they are very well made and guaranteed to meet your aesthetic goals. Even if these premium quality dress shirts seem expensive at first, the cost will have been justified when you’re still pulling it out of the wardrobe in a year’s time.

The brand only uses fine cotton fabrics sourced from the best mills in Europe. The luxurious fabrics ensure that the shirts feel as good as they look. Most of their shirts are also wrinkle resistant which helps to keep them smoother and crisper, especially when you move around all day. You should still iron the shirts for a flawless look, but the process is much quicker and the result much better compared to ordinary fabrics.

Your Search for the Perfect White Shirt Ends Here

The women’s white shirt is an important staple in every wardrobe and Ella Hopfeldt’s take on this classic item is truly eye-catching. If you have been looking for an outstanding white shirt then this is the perfect white button-up for you!


Made of luxurious, lustrous herringbone twill, this shirt feels soft and silky against the skin. The fitted fit makes it look sophisticated and stylish and the French cuffs add an additional touch of charm to this white shirt. French cuffs are double cuffs that are folded back and fastened with cufflinks. It’s a statement-making look with cufflinks adding undeniable finesse to any outfit.